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Warranty Information

Warranty Policy: Our warranty policy is provided to you as a courtesy service. Whenever a plant is moved and then replanted, the plant is stressed. It remains stressed until it re-establishes itself in the new location. You hope to see the plant spread its roots into the surrounding soil and thrive, yet sometimes a plant won't establish and , instead of thriving it declines. When a plant doesn't establish, it's always discouraging and initial reactions can be to assume the plant or the planting was "bad." The truth is that plants fail to establish for a variety of reasons, including disease, pests, missteps in the planting process, care and maintenance missteps after planting, improper irrigation and sometimes aside from everything being done before, during and after planting a plant just cannot get over the initial stress.

This warranty policy is set to help customers replace plants in those instances where the plant has either been improperly placed by our team or failure to reestablish due to plant stress has occurred. This policy is not meant to cover plant failure due to improper maintenance/care after planting, third party intervention as outlined in your agreement, weather related shock to the plant (heat or cold), failure due to pests, or disease that occurs after the plant has been planted. For that reason, if we are not given the proper notification of a plant ailing so that we can assess cause or perform intervention if possible prior to the plant loss, we will not cover the replacement.

Warranty Validation:

If you have had a project completed by us, in order for your warranty to be in effect you MUST meet ALL of the following conditions:

  • Your project must be PAID IN FULL you cannot have any outstanding payments with us on the project in question.

  • You must be within the warranty window for the type of plants you are claiming warranty on (See below for warranty schedule)

  • You must be notifying us PRIOR to the plant you are claiming dying so that we have the opportunity to make any interventions possible to save the plant and so that we can determine the cause of the plant failure.

  • Plant must not have already been removed or moved by anyone outside our organization prior to our assessment


Warranty Schedule:


  • There is no warranty on transplanted material, sod or ground covers (e.g. Asian Jasmine, English Ivy, Vinca minor).

  • Defects to workmanship on hardscapes performed by us is warrantied for 90 days

  • Any work performed by a subcontractor (Pergolas, Irrigation, decorative concrete, carpentry etc) is not warrantied by us and you will have to work directly with the subcontractor

  • Please refer to your agreement for any warranty claims on manufactured materials

  • There is no warranty on removal of existing leaves or weeds

  • Trees and Shrubs: All trees and shrubs are warrantied from the date of installation for ninety (90) days,

  • Perennials: Perennials are guaranteed for the same-planted season only (up to 90 days). "Delicate” Plants and plants that are not typically suitable for the Client’s plant zone, may come with no warranty, due to the risk involved

  • Annuals: annual plants shall be warrantied for a period of thirty (30) days from the date of planting

  • Water Plants: Water plants are guaranteed for same-planted season only.


Warranty Process:


We understand the frustration when a newly planted plant fails to thrive and the urgency our customers feel to get their landscape looking great again, however in order to ensure that we are able to assist you in the warranty process we do require the following steps to be taken and we appreciate your  patience as the process may not always move as quickly as you would like and we do ask that you remember this process is being provided to you as a courtesy.

  1. Notify the warranty department at the contact info below if the validation criteria above is met as soon as possible. If possible include names of the plants and pictures of the plants in question. Do Not email your project manager, crew leader, or sales rep to make any warranty claims as they do not handle these claims and this will result in a delay of the warranty process for you.





    2.  Once an initial warranty claim has been made you will receive a follow up email possibly requesting more information, and/or also 

         discussing scheduling dates for an in-person assessment by our team.

    3.  In-person assessment by our team for warranty verification

    4.  Following your assessment and warranty verification you will receive a summary of that assessment with any findings/replacements  

         ordered or intervention instructions/recommendations. Once that is received, please let us know if you have any questions.

    5.  If any replacements have been ordered, we will send you out a warranty preference email asking how you would like your warranty to 

         be handled. Generally you have two warranty options per your agreement. Please note per the agreement we reserve the right to make 

          a selection on your claim, however when possible we will offer you the opportunity to choose an option.

  1. Option 1 plant replacement

  2. Option 2 plant refund (at our wholesale cost)

    6. Warranty scheduling. Plant replacements are done as they fit into the contractor's scheduling and backlog restrictions. Plant refunds are

         provided as soon as possible. As replacements are done per our scheduling restrictions, we do give customers the option to either formally book the next available appointment on our schedule and/or go with our fist open slot option. First open slot options mean that as our crews finish up a project early or have some time open up in the schedule,


will go into the queue.

Plant Availability: In some instances, some plants, shrubs, bushes, and trees may not be readily available to procure in time for the required planting period associated with the Agreement. In that event, the Contractor will work closely with the Client to provide an approved substitution(s) – at or below the same price point as the original -and subject to availability. The Client will always reserve the right to request plants and related materials that are not locally available.

  • Plant Diseases: Should the Client recognize ill health in the plants, shrubs, bushes, or trees that have been supplied under the Agreement, it is the Client’s responsibility to immediately inform the Contractor. the Contractor will determine the nature and source if the illness. If it is deemed that the plant was infected prior to installation, the Contractor reserves the right to first using herbicides, fertilizers, and insecticides to return the plants to good health. Should efforts to restore the plant’s heath fail, the Client is entitled to a refund only. Due to plant availability, the Client assumes the risk and liability of rare specimens. However, the Contractor reserves the right to remove all or a portion of the warranty depending upon the nature of the source of the plant infections and the approved policies of the Contractor. In all cases, the Contractor shall work with the Client to minimize damage to the existing Agreement related plants.

  • Plant Replacement: the Contractor is entitled to up to one (1) year to source, match, and replace dead or ill plants. The Contractor reserves the right to either provide a plant replacement or a refund for plant costs (at our wholesale cost at the time of original purchase) within one (1) year or to wait for a suitable replacement if the plant cannot be sourced. Should the plant be a matching pair or series, and it is not possible to replace, the Contractor agrees to replace all plants in the series or pair at the Contractor’s cost. Please note that your plants are under warranty but our labor is not. Customers will have the option to have plants replaced by us paying only labor costs for any warranty plants OR to have the warranty plant (s) delivered for self-install. 

  • Replacement plant material: the Contractor does not guarantee plant material that has been transplanted on site. Replacement pant material is not guaranteed and does not have a warranty.

Warranty Contact: Gia Burt

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