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Best Plants for Summer in Dallas/Fort Worth

Your spring/summer landscape planning guide

Spring and very soon Summer is officially here, and although we’re still waiting on those super HOT Texas temps, the season brings with it many changes in your lawn and landscape.

Now’s time to start your lawn’s summer prep to ensure your lawn can stay as lush and beautiful as possible in the summer heat. Summers in the DFW area can exceed 100 degrees. A fact we all know all to well. Add in the intense humidity and your landscape is fighting an uphill battle for survival.

I know what you're thinking, what will survive? What can you plant now that will make it through the Texas summer? Luckily, we've got 5 of North Texas's heartiest flowers that have proven time and again to have what it takes to battle till the end.

And BONUS, they're gorgeous! So adding some of these beauties to your landscape design will add curb appeal and some much needed brightness as you greet all your Summertime guests!

#1 New Gold Lantana

Lantana do come in a variety of colors that you may or may not be familiar with, but the New Gold Lantan flowers have proven to be the heartiest of them all which makes them a great pick for those Dallas/Fort Worth area Summers.

#1 Pink Skullcap

This heat and sun-loving, drought tolerant perennial blooms for months on end if you cut it back occasionally, providing rich color to a waterwise time of year and makes it a gorgeous addition to your Summertime garden.

#3 Stella De Oro Daylily

Craving partial to full sun exposure, this sensational selection blooms with beautiful clusters of large, yellow flowers and are proven to be sturdy enough to last well into early fall if properly maintained.

#4 Pincushion Flower

Just like it's name these amazing flowers resemble a pin cushion and come in a variety of rich colors like lavender, white, and pink. They love the heat and full sun exposure and are said to have a charming honey-scent.

#5 Homestead Verbena

These vivid purple beauties grow in two-inch clusters with rich dark foliage which makes it gorgoues groud cover within a landscaped bed. Growing to 6-10 inches tall it can spread to about 3 feet with a long bloom period. While they may look delicate, they're anything but which makes them an amazing pick for those hot DFW summers.

As with anything lawn and landscape, our team is always here to help. Give us a call for a free estimate on services at 817-860-0905 or visit that chat feature down below 24/7 to chat with our team about scheduling an appointment.

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