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Introducing the TNLA's New Committee Chairman

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

The Texas Nursery and Landscape Association names new Certification Committee Chairman

North Texas-(PRESS RELEASE)~Business leader and entrepreneur Giuseppe Baldi has been announced as the new chairman of the certification committee of the Texas Nursery and Landscape Association.

Mr. Baldi is the General Manager and ownership partner of Baldi Gardens, Inc which has served the North Texas community for over 25 years. He has been with the company for over a decade and is one of the youngest Committee Chairman's in TNLA history.

He is also owner and operator of Penguin Lighting and Irrigation, and was a valued member of the certification board for the TNLA in 2018.

Mr. Baldi has been a speaker and editorial contributor for many network publications and for the TNLA at various conventions, most currently the 2109 TNLA expo held in San Antoinio, Texas where he was a featured speaker.

At this year's TNLA expo LABOR SUMMIT: Mr. Baldi presented a very informative lecture on Working with a Younger Workforce: Tips for Success which proves to be a trending topic in today's business sphere transcending landscape itself, it is a topic that touches every profession.

'Exciting Moment'

In July, the TNLA announced it had welcomed Mr. Baldi in as the newest chairman of the certification committee and voiced their excitement about what this new era might bring to the TNLA organization.

Mr. Baldi said: "I have enjoyed my work with the TNLA and I am eager to get to work and to push the great work that the certification committee is doing in our community with the youth and with its rehabilitation efforts. Alongside those initiatives, I am excited to work to bring a wave of young blood to the TNLA organization."

"As a business owner and leader in the landscape industry I have seen the very real impact of the TNLA organization in getting professionals more education, training and certifications behind the work that we do everyday.

It is a network that works hard to bring another veil of legitimacy to our industry and I am truly excited to play a bigger role in that endeavor."

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Giannina Burt Sales Manager Baldi Gardens, Inc

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