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Landscaping Trend: Mixing Mediums & Textures to Create Outdoor Works of Art

By: Gia Burt

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak."

Have you ever heard that quote? It's a good one, often reserved for people who make a statement through their clothing choices or unique hair styles. We though, us true landscape designers, we're innovators and artists in our own right. We want to extend that quote-we want our clients to say who they are, to express themselves to their family, friends, neighbors and anyone who passes by with their landscaping. To think outside the box and kick things up a notch-because it's always more fun when you kick things up a notch right?

A basic artistic form is mixed media art. The process of utilizing different mediums, and textures to create something with more feeling and more depth. Something that hopefully is more pleasing aesthetically and well just different. Creating art in something that most people wouldn't think to, that sounds cool!

Landscape design in theory works because you're generally utilizing a mixed media art process every time you design a landscape unless someone is just looking for sod. Even simplistically adding a flower bed or edging or a wall to your sod increases the artistic value of your outdoor space, BUT a new landscape design trend is emerging and we can't help but to LOVE it. It gets our creative juices flowing over here at Baldi Gardens, Inc.

We've seen in our clients and in the industry a push for clients who are looking to kick things up a notch-who are realizing that they can use even there outdoor spaces as a way to express their personalities to EVERYONE who passes by.

Mixing mediums, and textures, even colors into your landscape design can create such unique and beautiful landscape art in your outdoor spaces. Do some "online research" on sites like Google, Houzz, even Pinterest and you'll find that those daring enough to incorporate mixed media landscaping are the same ones that grab your attention. The same ones that you decide to save or pin in your idea books. Why? Because they're different, they're unique but most of all because they're beautiful.

The good news is that really incorporating a mixed media landscape design is not hard-as long as you hire a real landscape designer and not just any joe-shmo with a truck and a shovel. All of our designers here at Baldi Gardens, are trained, have years of experience in landscape design, in sourcing, and in identifying what will work and what wont work in your space. Years of experience in the industry, they know what mediums will go together, they've the "eye for design," and most importantly they've got a passion for making our clients landscape dreams become reality.

Aside from making sure you've got the right team, it's just a matter of creating a design that speaks to you and trust us-there's a lot of ways that you can create a mix media landscape design so finding one that says what you want it to say can be done in a variety of ways. You just have to decide what you want to say and how you want to say it and our Team-we can help you do that!

Whether it's creating depth through your softscapes (plants, flowers, trees) and mixing types and textures and color or mixing your softscapes with your hardscapes and adding in more depth by intertwining stone work within your planting. Or maybe we're sticking simplistic and green and going with all stone and gravel and minimal planting, no matter what your vibe (classic, romantic, edgy, modern...) we can create something beautiful that will scream you to the entire neighborhood and leave them all drooling. All you gotta do is give us a call ( 817.860.0905 ) or drop us a line here and we'll get our wheels turning.

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