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To Help You Secure Your Talent Pipeline

By: Giannina Burt

What is talent pipeline and why do you need one? Think of a talent pipeline like your email networking list. An insurance policy of sorts that you build up over time, and nurture and mature so that it can be a lifeline for your company when you need it, to fill a need without missing a step. Most often your email marketing list consists of potential clients, or resources you can network to build capital or to make important introductions. You may have a few potential candidates for recruitment in there, but most often that's where your talent pipeline comes into play.

A talent pipeline is a group of passive potential candidates you’ve taken through the initial recruitment process or engaged who can potentially fill future roles in your company. Building a talent pipeline gives you and your organization one especially great benefit, a network of talent at your fingertips that saves you time you’d spend on sourcing candidates, decreasing your overall time to hire.

The concept is simple, you build a network of potential candidates who've gone through the initial recruiting process and made it past round one or two and as a position opens up, you have an already sourced candidate ready to plug into that position.

As another opportunity becomes available you do the same. The idea is that you should ALWAYS be hiring, always be recruiting, ALWAYS be looking for the best and the brightest candidates to ensure that you're giving your company the best competitive advantage in the life blood of any organization-it's talent.