What to do Now for a Greener Lawn this Spring

Your fall landscape planning guide

By: Giuseppe Baldi, GM Baldi Gardens

Fall’s officially here, and although we’re still waiting on those cooler temps, the season brings with it many changes in your lawn and landscape.

Now’s time to start your lawn’s winter prep so you can have that greener lawn come spring. Your landscape shrubs, trees, and even your lawn should be coming out of their summer heat-induced dormancy, and you should be noticing quite a bit more growth than you’ve seen the last two to three months. With winter approaching, fall is an important time for plants and trees, and there is much for them to be doing this time of year. That includes establishing deeper root systems, hardening off any still-tender spring/summer growth, and storing carbohydrates to help them survive the colder months.

Timing of pruning, fertilization, and herbicide applications can be tricky to get right due to unpredictable North Texas weather. In other parts of the country, it is generally not recommended to fertilize or prune shrubs late in the season. This could encourage a flush of new growth that may not harden off before the cold wind begins to blow through, making for ugly ornamental plants.